Beauty is Within Your Reach!

This is your garden, and the best outcome requires you to be deeply engaged in the process of its creation. So,what I do is guide you through the four phases of achieving a garden that both nurtures your soul and heals the earth. Working side by side, you will learn to:

  • Garden with Intention and Experience the Joy of Creation

  • Set Aside Your Fears and Garden in the “Fast Lane”

  • Have Patience and Embrace Your Garden’s Daily Wonder

  • Step Away from the Chemicals and Believe in Your Power to Heal

You want a beautiful, natural retreat from the daily grind, and the most effective way to get it is to learn how to listen to plants and give them what they need to thrive. Learn how to combine them in ways to create a garden of astounding beauty – one that is literally alive with color, creatures, movement and sound – one you can’t wait to share with friends and family. So, let’s join together as Stewards of the Land and create your Wondrous Garden.

Getting started...

90 MINUTE site visit $150

Translating your dreams and vision into a living, breathing garden that provides four season interest is a ton of fun. During the site visit, we'll review your property's "bones" - mature trees, stone walls, and man-made structures like fences, decks, patios, pools and sheds that are important elements around which to design your garden beds and create outdoor living spaces. Together, we'll:

  • identify your "style" (cottage, formal, minimalist)

  • observe your property's growing conditions, including its daily sun/shade patterns

  • gather soil samples to be sent for analysis. Your soil analysis will identify nutrient deficiencies and will recommend specific corrective actions. It's highly likely that your garden beds will benefit from a generous application of organic compost and fertilizers.

  • make note of any "micro-climates" and "borrowed views". Micro-climates include pockets of warmer conditions which can present an opportunity to test specimens not normally grown in our zone 5b. Borrowed views include landscape interest offered by adjoining properties.

  • identify existing plants, shrubs and trees that will remain and those that should be removed.

  • we'll discuss your budget and a realistic expectation for maintaining your garden throughout the seasons

Garden Design...

From $400

Think of your garden design plan as a "visual blueprint", a guide to point us in the right direction, allowing for spontaneous changes along the way. Each garden design will include:

  • a 4 season palette that incorporates spring and fall blooming bulbs, ground covers, perennials, climbers, shrubs, container plants, ornamental and under-story trees

  • specific plant combinations that will thrive in your property's sun/shade conditions, will compliment each other's bloom color and foliage texture, and will provide maximum enjoyment with a minimum of effort

  • a schematic for succession bloom and color throughout the seasons

  • an estimate of the number of each specimen needed for initial installation

  • an estimate of the cost for plant sourcing and installation

  • an estimate of the volume of soil amendments you'll need for happy, thriving plants

  • an estimate of ongoing maintenance requirements

Your garden design may be planned in phases, to accommodate your budget, and to grow with you and your family's lifestyle. Development of your Garden Design typically involves 3 to 5 separate visits to your property, including delivery and walk through of the plan.