Gardening Services, Nashua NH


Garden design

Do you dream of having a lush outdoor space to lose yourself in but aren't sure where or how to start? I would love to chat with you, hear your ideas, visit your property, and explore the possibilities for creating your "home outside" with exciting plantings that provide 4 season interest. Sun or shade, large or small - give me a call!

Sourcing & installation

The keys to successful gardening include proper plant selection, soil prep, and installation. Implementing your Garden Design will encompass all of these. Careful selection and installation of healthy specimens sourced at our local wholesale nurseries is great fun and will ensure many seasons of enjoyment for you in your garden.

green thumb coaching

Regardless of your gardening experience, there will likely come a time when a second set of eyes is needed to help identify garden design problems or to diagnose a specimen's failure to thrive. Whether your garden needs a tiny adjustment or a complete overhaul, I am happy to work alongside you to take your design to the next level of "wow"!