Creating Intimate Garden Retreats

Design • Installation • Coaching


Embody your personal style.


Wondrous gardens begin with an understanding of your soil, your space and your style. They honor a balanced ecosystem and the inter-relationship of all living things. They embrace the natural beauty of all four seasons, and seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor space, in a reflection of your unique personality.

a feast for the eyes

Your garden is capable of astounding beauty. Let’s work together to make it so. Whether planting a new garden or rehabilitating an existing garden, we can take your outdoor spaces to heights you never thought possible with diverse plantings to nurture your soul.

go beyond the ordinary

Magic happens when we mix the familiar with the unexpected. Incorporating unusual, native plants sourced from New Hampshire’s wholesale nurseries we’ll elevate your garden beyond your imagination. Hundreds of species of uncommon beauty await you.


year round beauty

Four season interest is achievable with the right combination of plants. Native trees and shrubs are the “bones” of your highly personal green space. Grasses, climbers, perennials, bulbs and edibles deliver layers of texture and color from early spring through winter. Each element supplies essential food and shelter to sustain a vast population of native wildlife.

Design your
dream space

I will help you translate your vision into a magnificent, four-season
garden retreat. We'll work together to identify your garden style,
understand your soil and growing conditions, and pick the plants,
colors and textures you love.


Find your green thumb

Whether you're just starting out on your gardening path, or ready to take your gardening skills to the next level, I can help with design, planting and maintenance coaching. From small garden tweaks to major redesigns, advice on sick plantings to overall critiques and suggestions, I'll guide you in creating your beautiful outdoor spaces.

Get access
to the unusual

Say good-bye to plant shopping at Home Depot! You'll come with me
to my wholesale sources and access an incredible variety of trees, shrubs,
perennials and containers. You'll see and learn about the huge variety
of species that thrive in this area.


Enjoy diverse garden life!

When it comes to garden life, your plantings are just the beginning. I'll help you create a garden that brings birds, butterflies and other magnificent visitors up close to delight and mesmerize you. Biodiversity is key to a healthy, organic, thriving garden.


How can I help your garden grow?

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