Cam's Garden: before & after

Cottage Garden Design

Client goals:  Create a colorful, relaxed "doorway" garden to welcome guests to Cam's charming Cape style home. Long term plans are to upgrade the patio area, driveway and both sets of steps, as well as add a walkway to the front door. For now, the new garden helps to define the patio and soften the home's facade.

Design: This vibrant pollinator garden features plants in varying shapes, textures and heights. Its first summer, it was a buzz with various species of bees and butterflies. Finished with a whimsical birdhouse, the new garden perfectly suits the client's personality, budget and the home's interior style.

Phase 1 Implementation, May, 2017:  

  • Remove overgrown foundation shrubs and remove turf to expand main planting bed
  • Install sun loving perennials, grasses, ground covers and woody shrubs for Spring to Fall color
  • Feature tall specimens like purple Allium 'Gladiator' and yellow Achillea 'Moonshine' to add height and rhythym
  • Install decorative bird house as a whimsical focal point for floriferous planting scheme

Phase 2 Implementation, September, 2017:

  • Installed evergreen shrubs on either side of front door/steps (chamaecyparis and pinus strobus "Merrimack")
  • Expanded cottage garden to opposite side of front door/steps

A Word from Cam:

"Working with Barb Young has been such a delightful experience! I am a complete beginner when it comes to perennial gardening, and relied on Barb’s vast knowledge of every element of gardening to transform, with her help, my 75 year old tired landscape into the cottage garden I wanted. She listened to my desire for a garden full of bright color and easy care plants, worked within my budget constraints, and she even helped me plant the entire garden: no easy task since we were digging up a 75 year old lawn!

I’ve worked with landscapers in the past who gave me THEIR vision, but Barb Young transformed my front and back yards into MY vision. Barb is creative, knowledgeable, easy and fun to work with, and your neighbors will thank you for improving their view!"