Welcome to "the big little garden" classroom.  The "BLG" as I sometimes call it, is the result of 20+ years of trial and error and an insatiable need to acquire almost every new plant species available here in Southern New Hampshire.  It is a continually evolving palette of color, texture & fragrance - offering daily lessons that both humble and inspire.What began as a hobby has evolved into a business, allowing me to share my passion for gardening with others.

Located on a 1/4 acre lot in a 30 year old suburban development, my "test kitchen" garden boasts hundreds of native and non-native species, and diverse perennial beds for all sun/shade exposures. From colorful pollinator, edible and tropical beds planted in full sun to shady "critter habitats" featuring foliage, spring ephemerals, climbers, grasses and emerald moss - The BLG has it all!

Zone 5b gardening presents its share of challenges and rewards to the suburban gardener. Our relatively short growing season spurs intense focus and activity beginning with the April thaw, followed by frantic planting in May, and preening and pampering June through August. Summers are absolutely lovely and generally not too hot and stressful for plants in our area of New England. But, November's killing frosts always arrive way too soon.

After the early winter "tuck-in", the long off season provides a time to rest, dream and plan for how to make the BLG and my client's gardens even better next year. I'm anxious to share my love and understanding of what grows in our area of Southern NH. I invite you to peruse this website, explore my Garden Services and Contact Me to discuss your dreams and ideas for your own garden!

Click on images below for a larger view and hover on image for a description of each plant. Click on the photo to advance to the next image!