Plants, Glorious Plants

day rate: $250 half/$500 full

Sourcing and delivery of plant specimens for your garden design typically involves multiple visits to two to four New Hampshire wholesale nurseries. Each grower offers unique inventory, so it's not uncommon for us to source woody shrubs and evergreens from one location and herbaceous perennials from another.

Since spring can be slow to arrive in zone 5, we usually begin locating and purchasing plant specimens around the 3rd week in April. By this time, the potted plants (most of which have been wintered over at the nursery) will have broken through the soil surface to give us an idea of their future beauty. The photo at the top of this page was taken while plant shopping at Van Berkum Nursery in Deerfield, NH.

I welcome you to join in the fun and make the trip to our local wholesalers to help pick out the perfect plants for your garden. Just be prepared for a lot of walking, and be sure to bring sunscreen, water and comfy shoes! My favorite resources for wholesale perennials, shrubs and trees:

Millican Nursery, Chichester, NH

Stone Post Nursery, Lee, NH

Van Berkum Nursery, Deerfield, NH

Countrybrook Farms, Hudson, NH

Mahoney's Garden, Chelmsford, MA

Creating the Perfect Home

day rate: $250 half/$500 full

The importance of careful plant and soil preparation for the long term health of the specimen can not be overstated. Before we install your plants, it will be necessary to prepare the soil to ensure that each plant will survive and thrive, reaching its full potential in your garden.

Soil prep may involve removal of turf grass, weeds, and old plant specimens that will either be discarded or relocated. We’ll take care to disturb as little soil as possible so as not to disrupt the important work being done by beneficial insects and micro-organisms below ground.

Rocks and tree stumps, if any, will need to be removed. Amendments will be added in accordance with soil analysis recommendations.

While soil is being prepped, each plant specimen will be pre-hydrated with a good soaking to minimize transplant shock.

Next, plant specimens will be laid out according to our design, adjusting placement as we go. Each plant's root ball will be properly prepared, planted and watered in with beneficial mycorrhizae, organic compost and slow release organic fertilizer.

Your garden installation may involve placement of a drip irrigation system. Finally, a top layer of compost with heavily aged bark mulch will provide the finishing touch and will help to minimize water evaporation and to suppress the emergence of weeds.