What to Plant Now for Fall Color & Interest

Summer is over and your garden may be looking a bit worse for wear. Don’t fret. Now is the time to take photos of the good, the bad AND the ugly. As I’ve mentioned before, documenting change in the garden (even the not-so-beautiful change) is an important step in improving your garden design for next year. If you neglect to take photos now, you’ll have a difficult time in the spring identifying the areas that need tweaking.

I’ve been gardening the same 1/4 acre property for over 30 years and every year I still find the Fall garden lacking. But, each year it’s a tiny bit more colorful and interesting heading into the winter months.

Look critically at perennials that are naturally going dormant. Identify ways to “screen” them or improve the look by adding late blooming specimens in the middle or front of the garden bed (see photo on the right).

Today, I’ll share some ideas for perennials and annuals to plant now to extend color next fall! Note: most photos taken Sept. 22-23.

Fall color compliments of  Verbena bonariensis  and Goldenrod

Fall color compliments of Verbena bonariensis and Goldenrod

Ornamental grasses literally shine in the Fall and, if left standing, offer beauty all through the winter. Grasses are easy care, drought-tolerant and quickly provide “filler” for empty spots in the garden. Here are a few of my favorites this Fall (click and hover on images for more information):

Shrubs, perennials, annuals and groundcover: These late bloomers keep the color going:

Fall is a great time to plant and many of the specimens seen above are available to source at my NH & MA wholesale nurseries.